Gorge League Slopestyle #1 – 2/10/2024

Run order for Gorge


Riders Full Name
1Girls32Olivia Millikin-SprayHood River High SchoolHood River
2Girls24Rowan HalsethHood River High SchoolHood River
Girls35Madeleine Maddie DroegeHood River High SchoolHood River
Girls26Piper LawsonHood River High SchoolHood River
Girls22Sahale PfriemHood River High SchoolHood River
Girls21Poppy CleggHood River High SchoolHood River
Girls755Stevee DutraSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Girls777Lillith HiattSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Girls798Arianna Hudnall Sherwood High SchoolSherwood
Girls527Sailor LawsonSunset High SchoolWRA
Girls532Charlotte ZhangSunset High SchoolWRA
Girls76Charlotte CorteseMountainside High SchoolWRA
Girls77Mackenzie Cortese Mountainside High SchoolWRA
Girls79Avree Doney Mountainside High SchoolWRA
Girls614Helena HaydenWestview High SchoolWRA
Girls888Vivienne DuvalCorbett High SchoolSandy
Girls123Kaya Rada Sandy High SchoolSandy
Girls117Meya BellmerSandy High SchoolSandy
Girls101Mykaia RambergSandy High SchoolSandy
Girls133Kloie KruckmanSandy High SchoolSandy
Girls109Aaliyah FisherSandy High SchoolSandy
Girls118Emma MayerSandy High SchoolSandy
Girls413Sophia LoweryTualatin High SchoolTualatin
Girls424Malia ShropeTualatin High SchoolTualatin


Riders Full Name
1Boys6Cassidy ReitmanHood River High SchoolHood River
2Boys20Landon EdholmHood River High SchoolHood River
Boys8Finnegan McQuadeHood River High SchoolHood River
Boys12Aidan EdholmHood River High SchoolHood River
Boys13Nainoa Holland Hood River High SchoolHood River
Boys34Kevin ZieglerHood River High SchoolHood River
Boys17Jaxon GreenHood River High SchoolHood River
Boys9Sylas LeBreton-SmithHood River High SchoolHood River
Boys799Jack CarlsonSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys781Grayson RobertsSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys761Sean PooreSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys788Owen WalbergSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys796Ricardo Ritchie ReyesSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys767Ethan HarrisSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys747Devin JedanSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys760Parker CarletonSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys789Thaddeus SuckowSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys791Adam ColsonSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys749Ikaika Kaika LucasSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys765Declan OwensSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys778Dylan DaleSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys787Dylan NordstromSherwood High SchoolSherwood
Boys330Lewis ReedSouthridge High SchoolWRA
Boys310Luka TomicAloha High SchoolWRA
Boys531Phillip RadulescuSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys525Mars MurphySunset High SchoolWRA
Boys506Sem BirchallSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys528Keaton NaseSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys520Kaden TafuriSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys534Ryder SantosSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys508Kynan MackrorySunset High SchoolWRA
Boys529Benjamin Ben OlceseSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys526Bentley LawsonSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys507Julien JarrettSunset High SchoolWRA
Boys78Logan FerebeeMountainside High SchoolWRA
Boys84Diego Renderos RivasMountainside High SchoolWRA
Boys87Alessandro Alex Fambrini Mountainside High SchoolWRA
Boys610Owen DonaldWestview High SchoolWRA
Boys615Owen BemisWestview High SchoolWRA
Boys613Logan HinsdaleWestview High SchoolWRA
Boys132Silas LongSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys140Ethan SullivanSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys135Ahren GlassowSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys127Keenan GohrSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys106Tiki BrownSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys115Orin HarumSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys102Cody HermannSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys134Anderson WellsSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys119Jeremiah PetersonSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys110Wyatt HammondSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys111Michael PorterSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys136Hezekiah Hezi SchnadigSandy High SchoolSandy
Boys429Dominic PiscitelliTualatin High SchoolTualatin
Boys406Nolan KhaTualatin High SchoolTualatin
Boys419Luke HortonTualatin High SchoolTualatin
Boys435Jackson LoweryTualatin High SchoolTualatin
Boys492Roman BakerHorizon Christian High SchoolTualatin
Boys490Brody YeldellHorizon Christian High SchoolTualatin
Boys397Owen NicholsTigard High SchoolTigard

Links below are to the Official Results when reviewed and signed off by the judges. Once that is complete the scoring workbooks will be “published” and these links will be active. Until then they just link to an error message.

Girls Results (When Published)

Girls Squad Results (When Published)



Official Scoring Workbook with Squad Results (When Published)