2020-2021 Season Announcement

First off, we want to apologize in the delay in getting this information out. We were all hoping that prolonging the decision would lead to a better result, unfortunately that’s not the case. We have made the difficult decision to not host competitions this year. While we believe there is little risk of viral spread in Mt Hood’s gentle breezes, the parts of our events that don’t occur strapped in have us concerned. With that said, OISA is committed to providing resources to keep our snowboarders riding this season. The snow is coming and we want our riders out savoring the excitement of snowboarding. Teams are encouraged to ride, train, and enjoy improving their skills this winter. Due to concerns of overcrowding on practice nights we ask that you coordinate with Meadows prior to deciding what nights that happens.

This will be a year to get creative and design some fun intra-team challenges. We’re brainstorming social media challenges and are hoping to engage with the snowboard community at large more extensively. We want to fuel the passion for snowboarding and are here to support our ongoing mission of developing snowboarders through coaching and team development. 

Some important business pieces to discuss.

Fall General Meeting: We will have one, it will be online.

Registration: Will be online again with some tweaks, but shouldn’t be too different from last year.

Insurance: We will still have insurance available for teams that do not have it provided by their school or district.

Fees: There will be fees. We’re not sure what those fees will be at this time and need to figure out what operating costs (read: insurance) will be.

Numbers: None of us need a reminder that these are unprecedented times and many schools will face challenges making things cost effective. As a result, more so than normal, we’re encouraging teams to share resources. Please reach out if you are having issues so we can help facilitate if possible.

Please contact your League President for more detailed information about forming your teams this year or how you can find a team to join. 

Gorge League: Todd Mobley

Metro League: Derek Shields

Southern League: Adam Reiss

Three Rivers League: Jen Miller

Do your snow dances and revel in a fantastic winter season!

OISA Board