2021-2022 Hiefield Scholarship Winners Announced

Photo of smiling teenage boy. Not the actual winner but what we assume winning a season pass to Meadows feels like.
Announcement from the Hiefield Family: We would like to award the two MHM season passes to: Jade ThomassonSunset HS George BoutwellIda B. Well HS We would also like to award to each of the following a $50 MHM gift card: Carlotta D'Onofrio (Ida B. Wells) Sante Klosterman (Lincoln) Kaden Tafuri (Sunset) Benjamin Olcese (Sunset) Eltan Minyan (Southridge) Victoria Kelly (Lincoln) Giancarlo Cortese (Mountainside) Congratulations to these riders and thank you to everyone who participated.

2021-2022 Hiefield Scholarship Announcement

2021-2022 Hiefield Scholarship Winners AnnouncedREAD MORE2021-2022 Hiefield Scholarship AnnouncementHiefield Scholarship: The Story The Hiefield Scholarship is a complimentary season pass to Mt Hood Meadows awarded to two Oregon Interscholastic Snowboard Association (OISA) students who have and will continue to exemplify…

2021-2022 Season Announcement

The OISA Executive Board is excited to announce we’ll be returning to regular competition for the 2021-2022 season. There are precautions in place, but we’re going to get to play snowboards. More announcements to come, but let’s get the biggest…