2023-24 Jersey Order – due 12/1/23

Jersey order is open. $10ea for any reorder, basic jersey, or team designed custom shirt. Order closes on 12/1/23 in order for us to make sure we get them before competitions start.

The season is upon us and some of you either need new jerseys, or a resupply of any jerseys that went missing. Jerseys start at $10 each for any reorders, any custom designs provided by the team, or a basic single color (more info below). $12 for one of the templates w/ a side panel, or $12 each plus a $150 fee for a fully custom jersey without complete digital files. They are lightweight material with full sublimated graphics (if that looks like a word salad to you it just means you can print whatever you want onto the fabric). Last years jerseys from state (in the photo above and many others on the site) are from the same supplier. They’re a perfect product for pulling over outerwear and then throwing in your gear bag at the end of the day. We normally just order all XL, but can include a smaller option as well (probably size Medium).

OISA Rules for jersey/bib composition is at the bottom of this post for reference. Each team in each league is assigned a 3-digit number range for their jerseys. It is extremely important to adhere to this so we don’t have any overlap between teams causing scoring issues. Make sure you check with your league president to make sure you have the correct numbers.

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Deadline for the Order is December 1st. We’re doing this as one annual mass order and to make it as painless as possible on team admins, we’re going add the cost of jerseys to participating teams’ invoices.

The base price for jerseys is $10 each. This is for any reorder, any teams providing the digital files, or the basic template below, We can change the base color and verbiage. Similar to this:

If you’re looking to do something a little spicier there will be a an option at $12 per jersey for a little more customization including a side panel. After the initial run & files are created any reorder will be $10 per.  Similar to this:

For “We want to do something fully custom, have all the ideas, but are lost using design software” we can assemble everything for $12 shirt plus a $150 one time fee. We will provide you with all files and they can be re-used whenever and reorders will be $10.  Similar to this:


Easy Jersey Design Checklist:

  1. Find graphic that you want to use for a background image (tie dye in the example is one file). In the past teams have used “abstract” images used for desktop wallpaper in a complimentary color. The resolution needs to be fairly large on these, at least 2000PX by 2000PX or it will look like a fuzzy mess. This can also just be a solid color if so desired.
  2. Decide on a font you want to use, there are a multitude of websites offering free fonts. Double check the numbers are part of the font pack and readable. Numbers on the back of the jersey should be lower than the front so they’re not obscured by a rider’s hood.
  3. Pick a trim color.
  4. Add any team or sponsor logos
  5. Make sure there is an OISA logo on the front and back (link below).
  6. Run draft design by Jamie to make sure there will be no issues on printing.
  7. Email your graphic, font pack and completed template to JERSEYS@OISA.org

Rules regarding jerseys/bibs 151.03 Start Numbers and Bibs

  • The competitors may not change the shape and or size of the bibs. Bibs must be worn correctly and visibly at all times on the competition site, the inspection, and the official training.
  • Bibs must be returned as according to your team’s rules.
  • All OISA bibs must include the school name and have numbers, front and back, that are clearly visible during bad weather. Numbers must be a minimum
  • of 4” tall and no taller than 8”.
  • League bibs can have sponsorship names or logos that are school appropriate.
  • Logos and sponsorship names may not interfere with the visibility of the rider number.
  • OISA State Championship bibs can have sponsorship names or logos.
  • Team bibs must include the OISA logo in a visible location in the color of the team’s choice to compliment the jersey.
  • Jerseys already in use are grandfathered in but any new jerseys must include the OISA logo on front and back.