2024 Shredwell Scholarship Application

The application for the 2024 is now available. Deadline for submittal is Midnight PDT May 15, 2024. The Oregon Interscholastic Snowboard Association (OISA) started the Shredwell Scholarship in 2011 to assist an outstanding graduating senior going to college. Our scholarship award this year is $2,000. We are very proud to offer this opportunity to a graduating college-bound OISA senior.


Qualifications for applying

  1. A current registered OISA member (2023-2024 Season)
  2. High school senior graduating this year that will be attending college in the Fall – 2024
  3. Current Grade Point Average of 2.50 or higher

How to apply

  1. Fill out this 2024 Shredwell Scholarship Application Form and write essays on the required topics
  2. Submit your completed application form and essays by Midnight PDT May 15, 2024
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation by Midnight PDT May 15, 2024. One recommendation letter must be from your Snowboard Coach. Recommendation letters cannot be from a family member.
    Submit application form, essays, and letters of recommendation to: scholarships@oisa.org

How the winner will be selected

All essays and recommendation letters will be judged by an independent panel. Applicants will be individually ranked by each judge using the OISA point system. The applicant with the highest sum of points will be the scholarship winner. The OISA Board will announce the Shredwell Scholarship winner by June 15, 2024 All results will be final.

2024 Essay Questions

Please answer each of the following 4 essay questions thoughtfully. Maximum of 400 words per essay.

  1. What have you done while in high school that has made a difference in your community?
  2. How has your snowboard team experience contributed to who you are today?
  3. Who or what inspires you to be your best?
  4. What are your educational and career goals?