Metro BS / SBX Jan 12, 2013


webReady-oisaMetro01Metro League Banked Slalom and Snowboard Cross Competition Report – Jan 12th:
Today’s Banked Slalom and Snowboard Cross was awesome!  A beautiful calm sunny day but cold.  Huge thanks to our volunteers.  Metro League had 52 Boys and 19 Girls compete.  Final competition are below.2013-01-12-Metro-BankedSlalom_individual 2013-01-12-Metro-BankedSlalom_team 2013-01-12-Metro-SnowboardCross_boys

Congratulations to the Top 3 Banked Slalom Individuals:
Boys:  Graham Harris (Grant), Conner Welty (Grant), and Adam Eichacker (Grant)
Girls:  Emma Ronai-Durning (Lincoln), Lucia Toth (Grant), and Taylor Ash-Penner (Riverdale)
Individual State Championship qualifiers depend on League Banked Slalom rankings and our League allocations TBD
Meadows action photos here.Congratulations to the Top 3 Banked Slalom Squads:
Boys:  Grant, Grant, and Wilson
Girls:  Lincoln, Riverdale, and Grant
Grant Boys and Lincoln Girls squads qualify for State Championships since they both won 1st place at both BS events.
Congratulations to the Snowboard Cross Winners:
Boys:  Michael Mishima*, Harley Nerheim-Chereck*, Ben Grayzel*, and Quentin Carter*
Girls:  Taylor Penner-Ash*, Emma Ronai-Durning*, Elizabeth Bartlett,
* Qualifies for State Championships
Meadows action photos here.
Next Metro Snowboarding Competition:
Slopestyle competition on Saturday Jan 19th.  Run order will be:  Wilson, Riverdale, Central Catholic, Grant, Cleveland, Lincoln.  Girls first, then Boys.  Second run in reverse team order.  Coaches run at the end time permitting.