Sunset BS/SBX 1/26/13

sunset league banked slalom-7The OISA Sunset league launched into the 2013 competition season at full speed with a double header of banked slalom and boarderX.  The riders, representing seven different schools, participated  in the race against the clock in the Banked Slalom.  The boys race brought the top four spots in with a time spread less than a second apart.  After banked slalom the brackets were set and the riders lined up for some intense boarderX action.  With intermittent wind and snow hitting the course throughout the afternoon the race was not only ability but visibility.  The girls bracket ended with a final downhill race to the finish with the 1st place crossing the line and winning by a half a board length.  While the guys final heat had a spirited last round with a collision mid-way through the course allowing one and two to separate from the others.

Pics from Skipping Stone Photography




The Final Results

Girls  Banked Slalom

Gold:  Maggie Richter              Tualatin

Silver:  Margaret Connors       Forest Grovesunset league banked slalom-6

Bronze:  Alanna Bartelamia    Tualatin


Girls Team Banked Slalom

Gold: Tualatin

Silver: Tigard


Boys Banked Slalom

Gold:   Cameron Reid           Tigard

Silver:  Calvin Marvich          LaSalle

Bronze:  Graham Fletcher    Tualatin


Boys Team Banked Slalom

Gold: Tigard

Silver:  Tualatin

Bronze: LaSalle

sunset league boardercross-2BoarderX Girls

1st   #200      Margaret Connors      Forest Grove

2nd   #428     Maggie Richter           Tualatin

3rd   #427      Alanna Bartelamia      Tualatin

DQ   #431      Sarah Visse                    Tualatin



BoarderX Boys

1st   #434      Tyler Gastiaburu      Tualatin

2nd   #410     Patrick  O’Conner     Tualatin

3rd   #760       Cory Christensen      LaSalle

4th   #333      Keenan Cabrera         Tigard

2013 Banked Slalom – Team

2013 Sunset -Banked Slalom Individual Final

Sunset League – SBX Boys -Final

Sunset League – SBX Girls – Finalsunset league boardercross-5