OISA Transportation Policy

OISA Transportation Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to provide coaches and volunteers with personal vehicle and student transportation best practices. 

Personal Vehicles of Coaches and Volunteers 

OISA does not furnish any insurance for the protection of the Coach/Volunteer if any claim or suit is made against the Coach/Volunteer arising out of his or her operation of a personally-owned vehicle; nor is any insurance provided by OISA to repair damage that may occur to the Coach/Volunteer’s personally-owned vehicle. OISA does not provide automotive/liability insurance on privately-owned vehicles or supervision of such vehicles or drivers. 

The Coach/Volunteer understands that OISA places a great emphasis on safe operation of all vehicles, including any that are owned and operated by its coaches and volunteers. Given this, it expected that the driver should: 

● Possess a valid driver’s license 

● Maintain automobile liability coverage equal to or greater than the limits recommended by your insurance agent. 

● Not permit a student of either sex to ride to or from an OISA activity or function alone with a coach or volunteer. 

● Keep the vehicle clean inside and out. The windshield also will be kept clean. The floor of the vehicle will be clean and free of obstructions. 

● Driver and all passengers must wear seat belts. 

● Obey all traffic laws, maintain proper distance between cars, etc. Do not under any circumstances attempt to keep a specific time of arrival promise by breaking traffic laws, or by driving in an unsafe manner. If following posted limits will make you late, stop somewhere and phone the people you need to meet. 

● Drive defensively. There is no point in being “dead right”. 

● Not pick up hitchhikers or allow an unauthorized person to be a passenger in or to drive your own vehicle. 

● Not operate the vehicle, nor allow it to be operated by someone else, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

● Not use handheld devices while driving.

Student Transportation 

Student transportation to OISA activities or events is one of many issues that require your attention and compliance as a Coach/Volunteer. OISA expects that individual school districts provide district transportation for students to and from activities and events. However, in some instances, the individual school district is unable to provide district transportation in all circumstances and to all events or activities. When it comes to transporting students, district vehicles with district drivers is always the first choice. When that is not possible, student participants and parents or guardians have to provide or arrange for their own transportation to and from an activity or event. When this situation arises, OISA will not be making arrangements or providing transportation to and from the activity or event. 

There is a cost associated with district transportation, but the value is significant when considering the fact that: 

● District vehicles are equipped with first aid and emergency equipment and are subject to routine, documented maintenance; 

● District drivers have received additional training and hold a CDL license and/or small vehicle permit; 

● Insurance coverage and governmental immunity issues are unambiguous. 

OISA maintains the following expectations regarding student transportation: 

● That this is a voluntary activity and participation is not mandatory. 

● That the activity will be conducted at a location other than the student’s school of attendance. ● That OISA will not provide transportation (by bus or otherwise) between the school of attendance and the site of the activity. Transportation to the site may be the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian and may involve transportation in a private vehicle by a private individual. 

● That OISA is unable to supervise private means of transportation between sites (other than providing OISA recommended guidelines). 

● That OISA does not carry automobile/liability insurance on privately-owned vehicles. ● That the parent/guardian and student will assume all liability while en route to and from this activity/sport when travel is in non-district vehicles. The student has adequate medical insurance to cover his/her injuries, in the event of an accident and that the insurance on the vehicle isn’t sufficient to cover expenses. 

● That the student is being allowed to participate in this activity with the understanding that the parent/guardian and student accept the risks involved.

Limit of Liability 

OISA, their officers, employees, volunteers, and agents, will not be held liable for any accidents, damages, or losses, including legal fees, incurred by Coaches or Volunteers while using a personal vehicle and/or transporting students for OISA activities or events. 

Adopted 9-2021