Three Rivers League Halfpipe, February 13, 2016

MT HOOD MEADOWS – When competition organizers last year deemed a pile of snow halfpipe-worthy the event nearly lost its best riders. Today’s circus-like thrill of frenzied pipe flying once again gained the event legitimacy.

The athletes competing in the meadows half pipe were both thrilled and challenged. The 18 foot vertical walls gave riders the opportunity to boast their skills and spectators fell in love.

The competitors developed their own tricks and worked with coaches throughout the week, but today they were certain to impress the judges.

Big “D” and Frost were taken with the rich enthusiasm and scored our riders not only based on style, delivery and control but were very impressed with the one-handed-one hand-stand. Big shout out to Lake Oswego’s rider who showed up in a sling.

With the great snow year and an amazing competition season the Three Rivers League is growing lifelong riders.

See attached Results

Top Girls

Breck Bleinshine

Kloee Rogers

Olivia Swofford


Top Boys

Luke Campbell

Ewon Shadrin

Kendle Boykin