Three Rivers BS/SBX 1-20-13

Wow! If Mother Nature were ever a fan of the OISA, she clearly proved that Sunday. It was absolutely gorgeous on the mountain and if you didn’t know any better you would’ve swore it was mid-April, instead of the middle of winter. Blue bird skies and sunny, warm conditions made for some soft, slushy snow and with Dennis back from being sick and the competitors in high spirits this day was sure to be a BANGER!


It was another OISA double-header with the Banked Slalom event followed by BoarderX, which meant everyone was ready for a nice, long day of riding. With their boards freshly waxed and the race track freshly groomed, the girls started it off right and were flying ‘round the gates with smooth style and speed. After cheering on their fellow female teammates, the boys were up next and one-by-one they slashed the course and laid down some killer lines.  All the riders posted great times with many going faster through the course than they had the week before. With the Banked Slalom consisting of two runs and the best time being counted, all the boys and girls really let loose on the second run, which made for some even more impressive times. After two runs, the fastest three girls and boys were:



1. Sierra Clasen – Oregon City

2. Galen Bizovi – Lake Oswego

3. Brooklyn Purtzer – Canby



1. Kevin Holmes – West Linn

2. Adam Kayes – West Linn

3. RJ Sweet – Oregon City


After a brief lunch break and some more Vitamin D the fastest girls and boys from the Banked Slalom event met again at the top of the course for the next event: BoarderX. If you’ve never been to, or seen a BoarderX event, then you’re missing out. There are explosive starts, huge, slashing turns, hole shots, collisions, and lots, and lots, of speed. Think American Gladiators meets NASCAR! It’s a head-to-head event in which four racers battle their way through the Banked Slalom course in a mad dash to the finish line. The girls were again first, starting things off right, with steez and speed.  With four girls flying down the course, blasting around the gates and ‘round the banked turns, there were a lot of tumbles and spills, but after the end of three rounds, it was clear that OregonGOPR0874 City had been putting something in the water, as Sierra Clasen, took home First Place and the right call herself “Queen of the Mountain.” Congratulations, Sierra!


The boys lined up in the gates next, amped to finally get their shot at some head-to-head competition. Bringing the same level of intensity and riding that we saw with the ladies, the boys kept the crowd stoked and the excitement level on High! As heat-after-heat of boys carved up the hill more than a fell victim to the tight turns and tight confines; washing out on the course and ending their hopes of moving to the next round.  Kevin Holmes, who won BoarderX the week prior, was one such rider as he took a nasty spill in a battle for the hole shot in the quarter finals, ruining his chances as a repeat victory. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously hurt, but it just goes to show that in BoarderX, it’s anyone’s game. After  all the smoke cleared and the dust settled though, it was Brenen Scarcelli, from Lake Oswego High School, who emerged victorious. Congratulations, Brenen!


It was a great race day and a big THANK YOU to all the riders who showed up to compete and have fun and an EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU to all the parents who made it out to cheer on the kids and who volunteered to make the day a huge success. Thanks to the Meadows Event Crew who helped keep the event running smoothly and putting together a great course. Everyone, get those cab 900’s and 1440’s dialed in this week, because on Sunday, it’s everyone’s favorite: SLOPE STYLE!!! Whoop, whoop.GOPR0889