Three Rivers SS 1/27/13

Well, if couldn’t make it out Sunday to Aspen to watch Shawn White win his 6th straight Winter X Games Superpipe Gold, then hopefully you made it out to Meadows to watch some OISA kids throw down some sick tricks of their own. While we didn’t see any triple corks 1440’s, it was game on as the boys and girls of the Three Rivers League lined up to lay waste to the slopestyle course, which included a box, a picnic table, a double-bar hand rail and jump line-up with smooth, poppy lips and deep tranny’s. It really was a great course and big-ups to the Meadows crew for putting it together.


As always, starting things off in proper fashion were the girls of the OISA and they looked sharp. With their teammates cheering them on from the slope just above the course, it was 50-50’s and boardslides for days as they destroyed the box and the picnic table in superfluous fashion. One of the girls, rockin’ the red, white, and black colors of OC, even threw down a FS 180 on to 180 out on the picnic table. Siiiiiiiick! With the rails done, the second half of the course was going to send the girls high-flying as they came into the jump line-up. With smooth grabs and big airs, the girls earned some serious style points and after two runs each, the judges decided it was Sierra Clasen from Oregon City who had the biggest and best tricks of the day. Congratulations, Sierra Clasen!


Next up were the boys and despite the cold, everyone was super-pumped to throw down some steezy tricks and keep the crowd and the level of progression, going strong. The picnic table soon became their personal punching bag as rider-after-rider nose-buttered, tail-tapped, and front-boardslid the feature to death, with the hand-rail feature fairing only slightly better. After the second rail, it was time to pump as the boys needed to keep their speed going into the jump-line. If you were a judge, it was probably hard to keep your head on straight as the boys spun front 180 indies, backside 360 melons, cabs and half-cabs, with most everyone clearing the knuckle and keeping their speed up for the second, and biggest jump of the course. With their eye on the prize, riders sent-it, going big off the second hit, throwing down huge, floaty 540’s and even a few 720’s. A few riders washed-out on the landing, but overall, everyone, boy and girl alike, was able to stomp their landings and ride away clean. However, it was Kevin Holmes from West Linn who proved his tricks to be the biggest and the baddest as took home 1st Place. Congratulations, Kevin Holmes!


Thanks again to all the riders that made it out to compete and to all the parents who have dedicated a lot of time and resources into letting their rider have fun! We’re all looking forward to some storm riding this week with HUGE amounts of snow being dumped on the slopes, so please, put those noodley, shred-sticks away for a few days, grab your Fish, and go slash some pow and grab some freshies! Ride on!


Next competition is a Slopestyle on February 8th at Timberline!

TRL Complete SS_Results 1-27-13